Using Variable Nesting

This node action is used within USSD workflows when a single variable can have two potential sources of user's input within the flow. For instance, in a flow that requires an amount to be provided by the end-user, which can be provided either in the USSD code being dialed or inputted by the end-user within the flow itself, the variable nesting node action will be used to interact with both variables.

For example, if you have 2 potential sources of a user input (AMOUNT or sessionparam:1), and need to use this value to continue the user request, this can be used with the Remap action node as depicted below.

The order in which the variables are captured will determine which value will be used first. In this example, if AMOUNT has a value, then that value will be taken first, but if no value in present, then the value from sessionparam:1 will be used. As many variables as are required can be used like this.

This node action is used in USSD workflows only.