Action Nodes – Math

This allows you to perform mathematical operations on variables.

Types of Math Operations

There are 2 types of operations that can be used:

Comparison: Whereby the variables are compared against each other as per the expression, and if it matches then a Yes result is returned.

Calculation: Whereby the result of the expression is calculated and the stored under the following session variable [[actionName:result]], this will also return as Yes.

Math Expressions you can define on .Control

The below table describes all possible math expressions you can define on .Control.

Math Expressions



+ - / *

Standard math calculations (plus, minus, divide, times)

a+b, a-b, a/b, a*b

= > < >= <=

Standard comparison operators (equals, greater than, less than)

a=b, a>b, a>=b, a<b, a<=b


Not equals to comparison operator