Touch Flow Quick Start Guide


You can work on a Workflow (i.e. your user’s experience) on this canvas by:

  • Creating a new workflow (NEW FLOW)

  • Opening an existing workflow (OPEN FLOW)

Workflows can be created in any development environment. Depending on your individual access rights, you will only have access to specific environments.

Clickatell will configure as many environments as your organization requires.

Triggering a Workflow

You can trigger a workflow in two ways:

  1. Configure the workflow to be triggered when the user dials a USSD code or accesses your messenger application business account. This can be done from the ROUTES section of the platform.

  2. Configure the workflow to be triggered from within a different workflow.

Testing a Workflow

You can test the workflow by using the EMULATOR. From here, you can trigger the workflow using one of the methods described above.

Connecting to an API

You can connect to an API hosted by an external company, or within your organization, by setting up the API using ENDPOINTS.


Once a workflow is complete, you can SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL moving it to the next environment.

On submission, the workflow may need to be approved by an individual identified by your organization before it appears in the next environment.

Recommended web browser: Google Chrome