1. The client end-points are visible and reachable from within the Clickatell Transact network (either via the public internet or via configured VPN's etc.) i.e. assumes the normal on-boarding in respective of establishing connectivity has already taken place.

  2. The client https end-points are backed by non-self signed certificates (i.e. certified certificates).

  3. The client provides URL's utilising host names rather than IP address (the former is required for supporting certified certificates).

  4. The clients preference is for https rather than http (the former is required for supporting certified certificates).

  5. The client certifies that the end-points are fully functional and reliably available for both their non-production environment and their production environment.

  6. Clickatell configures the non-production environment and production environment end-points equivalently with the exception of the end-point host name.

  7. For each end-point 'function' :

    a. The client provides an end-point that points to both their non-production environment, and a corresponding production end-point.

    b. The Client provides test http headers, body and/or parameters.