What is .Control?

.Control is a web-based visual interface that allows you to quickly design and deploy conversational experiences across multiple chat applications - SMS, USSD, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram. Google RCS and many more!

Designed for UI, Product and Marketing managers, .Control allows you to collaborate and design conversational experience connected to your organization's core functional APIs with little or no coding experience.

Who can use .Control?

Anyone on your team can use .Control to design conversational workflows. With no coding experience required, we have bench-marked the migration of entire mobile applications to it's WhatsApp-based chat application, complete with integration to core banking APIs within hours. Designers can create or swiftly modify the UX and copywriters can implement their own messages - and the same workflows can be deployed across any conversational channel reducing the overall work required to take a chat application to market. .Control reduces the strain on developers, who rather than developing tedious chat UX, can focus on complex features and APIs that can be triggered from .Control.

.Control Features

  1. Create, modify and destroy conversational workflows. Quickly create relationships between workflows such as Workflow Nesting.

  2. Deploy workflows across the following channels:

    1. WhatsApp

    2. Google RCS

    3. Web Chat

    4. USSD

    5. SMS (Coming Soon)

    6. Facebook Messenger (Coming Soon)

    7. Telegram Messenger (Coming Soon)

  3. Seamless hand-over of conversation from .Control workflows (bot-based conversation) to a human agent. This uses Clickatell's Contact Centre platform. More information can be found <URL>.

  4. Easily set-up 3rd party APIs that can be triggered from any workflow.

  5. Use the built-in channel emulator to test workflows before deploying them to the conversational channel.

  6. Manage multiple development environments and customize the approval path per your organization's policies.

  7. Manage Airtime, Data, Bill Payments and iFlix sales using your deployed .Core product which comes pre-integrated to the .Control platform.

  8. Set up keywords which will be used to trigger workflows.